Cure Assort Selection sales update and next projects

Sorry for the delay! The Fakku version of her latest work is now available here.

Thank you all for supporting Isya all this time, I know it really means a lot to her. We wanted to announce that the next projects we’ll be doing is her original manga series “Rule of 0” next. We will also be publishing Rule of 0 fully uncensored as well, a first for Isya. Working with her has been an absolutely amazing experience for us. Her kindness knows no bounds, from telling me to rest up just when I had a cold, to personally drawing a birthday card for our QCer Patamon. I hope you all will continue to support her and look forward to her next series!


20 comments on “Cure Assort Selection sales update and next projects

  1. Thank you for all the hardwork! Totally looking forward to the Rules of Zero release. On the same note, is there any way Isya-san might consider getting her Nittanya (Nitta Minami x Anatasia from Cinderella Girls) in English as well? It would be nice if we get it in English too. ; w ;

    On the same note, to everyone else purchasing from Fakku as well, is it just me, or is the paypal payment option not appearing? orz

  2. Paypal will not do business w/ FAKKU b/c they are a porn business. There are other ways to get stuff from them, I believe.

    • I bought the first one from Fakku via paypal. This is the actual reason I waited for the Fakku release. Also, their tech has replied to me that they’re having problems with paypal, so I guess it is a bit broken for now.

      • IIRC, paypal finally figured out what FAKKU was and closed the pool. Contact FAKKU directly. They might have some work-around that they don’t want to announce publicly, etc.

        • I did contact FAKKU directly and they told me they’ll probably have it fixed by next week. I was just asking if everyone else was having problems, or it was location based, since Fakku only told me that “We’re gonna talk it with Paypal and hopefully fix it by next week.”

        • I’ll honestly be surprised if Paypal lets them. Payal is a dicatorship and is ruthless. They kinda have a sorta-point…. it’s very easy to launder money using the Adult Industry. But Paypal subscribes to the ‘shoot first and answer questions later’ mentality…

  3. Just happened to be on fakku a few hours ago and already bought it. Looking forward to seeing her original stuff too. Thanks!

  4. Alright, forget Paypal. I just went with the good old Credit Card method.

    Thank you, Yuri-ism staff and Isya-san for the hard work!

    A question though. Her new original manga, is it BDSM? I do remember one with that genre. Not exactly a big fan of BDSM tbh, so I’m asking in advance.

    • Rule of 0 is not new, but it is BDSM.

      I just reread it and it is quite hot. I’ll support Isya as much as I can, and buy the next one too!

  5. Is there a way now to get this release (no DRM, right?) without having to pay again if I accidentally purchased on DLSite? As I said, I am not able to read it in the DLSite-Format… Thank you!

  6. does the Fakku version have the same DRM as the DLSite ones? i brought both from DLSite but the problem is that i need extra programs to read it which i can’t install on my main PC which i read all my doujins/manga on

    • Nope! The Fakku versions are DRM free! Cure Assort Selection is available as both a zip full of png files and a pdf, both at your choice of x2600 and x3200 resolutions. Same deal with Cure Assort.

  7. Next work being uncensored sounds great. I acknowledge the artist did not desire the past releases to be uncensored, but that’s not something I’ll throw money towards.

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