12 comments on “Release 464: Tasty Memories

  1. I miss the attempts! :OO It was interesting, seemed like it was good 🙂
    Nice chapter once again, thanks Yuriism! How many chapters have the series reached? I think volume 2 came out recently, how awesome!

  2. So this is what happened to Paul the octopus when he got a prediction wrong.

    RIP Paul, wrestled into submission by a cute girl, tortured with salt and boiled alive.

  3. nobody went to get a live octopi to make this? xD
    on another note, thanks for the new chapter. Every time I read a chapter of this manga, I get so hungry lol.

  4. Yes to the recipe attempts, unless it delays the next chapter of Food Girls!

    Anyway, can you really buy *live* octopus online, even in Japan?
    *imagines an octopus flying around on an Amazon drone, tentacles poised for battle*
    Huh. This must be how the first Daleks came to be…

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