Release 494: Sakurako in covert ops part 11

It didn’t hit me until the author mentioned it in the afterword, but we really have been working on this series for a long time now. And to think, I almost never bought the first two books in the first place! Who knows how much longer this will go on, but it’s been fun to keep going through the years with this.

This is the first release from our new cleaner Jessica. Be sure to welcome her to the Yuri-ism family! Oh, and we have more good news. We’ve been working with Isya on bringing her original manga to the west. We are currently in the finishing touches on not one, but four chapters. I don’t have a release date for it yet, but likely late this month or sometime in April.

(C91) [Purimomo (Goyac)] Secret Flowers 11 (YuruYuri) [English] [Yuri-ism]
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12 comments on “Release 494: Sakurako in covert ops part 11

  1. Awwww, These days I’ve been wondering when this was going to be released (I mean the translation) and look at it. Here it is ❤
    I got here 5 days later but it was worth it.
    Those two are so cute, the accepted their love and even their families are going to accept it as well~.
    Isn't that perfect?
    Such a perfect couple… arguing all the time until they finally accept each other. They'll kee on fighting and arguing of course, that's who they are but… they are now together… in the most beautiful and perfect kind of Yuri-love ❤

  2. Thank you so much, it was as glorious as the preceeding ones! Ended in a bit rough note, I suppose old habits die hard. Now to wait for more~

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