Release 500: Five Hundred Release Smutstravaganza

We finally did it, we made it all the way to five hundred. Oh and Yuri-ism’s 5th birthday is on April 4th! So what’s next? Well, hopefully by our birthday I will have a new batch torrent ready for you all. I hope to have some other little things ready for our birthday too, like insights from our team, responses to questions and such. But for now let’s just celebrate making it this far. It may just seem like a number to some of you, but it’s taken a lot of damn work over the years to get here. Yuri-ism has gone without any major break, change in leadership or loss of staff this entire time. I’d like to think that means we’re doing something good.

We were gonna have a hangout immediately after this release, but a lot of our staff is too busy to attend tonight. With me not feeling the best either, I’ve decided to reschedule it to Friday the 31st at 8pm EDT. I apologize for the last minute change! Please accept this full color goodness instead.

(C91) [Shimoyakedou (Ouma Tokiichi)] Sweet Purity The Second Night (Girls und Panzer) [Yuri-ism] [English]
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Download: Mega | Yuri-ism
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11 comments on “Release 500: Five Hundred Release Smutstravaganza

  1. “I’d like to think that means we’re doing something good.” You said. I think you all are doing something GREAT!

    Thank you all very much for eveything you have done for yuri!

  2. A toast to Yuri-ism’s 500th release and another 5000 more! I have no other way to thank you other than my feelings towards all the fluff and l00d that you guys presented us with

  3. I literally just started following Yuri-ism a few days ago, so I hope I came in during an upward trend! I haven’t been able to find another site totally focused on great vanilla Yuri to use as a “Yuri-only hub”. Keep going forever lol really appreciate your dedication to the greatest and most underrated of genres!

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