(Isya) Rule of Zero Chapters 1 and 2

After a long time waiting, we’re finally able to announce our next collaboration with Isya (434notfound). We will be publishing her original manga series “Rule of Zero” for you all. We have two chapters ready for you now, and you can expect two more to be ready by the end of April/early May. If you’re new to the site or don’t remember. Over a year ago we reached out to Isya to help her release her works legally in English to the west. It’s been a learning experience for us all, but it’s been an amazing one.

Getting to work with an artist directly has taught me a lot about the process and how much effort goes into making something like this. Isya has gone above and beyond to try her best for you all. We took your feedback from her first releases and we’re working on improving from them. The chapters featured here are mostly decensored, and the next ones were created fully uncensored with English sales in mind. A little preview from chapter 4 if you want [warning: super lewd!]. Due to the lewdness of this project, it’ll probably only be on Fakku. DLSite doesn’t allow you to show the naughty bits. I put a FAQ down below along with a link to the sales site. I hope you all enjoy!

FAQ section:

Where can I buy it? Fakku

How much does this cost? All chapters will be $5.95

Will there be a printed book for this/other releases? No, isya has no plans to do any printed books in English at this time. We would need a significant number of people interested to make it viable to print.

18 comments on “(Isya) Rule of Zero Chapters 1 and 2

  1. Why are you publishing this on Fakku. There only Credit-Card and Bit-Coins as payment-option! I think a page with paypal and you will sell more -.- too bad

  2. Why are you only publishing Isyas work on Fakku? There are only Credit-Card and Bit-Coins as payment-options. A page with paypal as payment-option and you sell more…to bad for me

    • It doesn’t really matter where they publish. Paypal won’t work with any seller of pornographic works. So even if they sold elsewhere, you wouldn’t be able to use Paypal.

  3. I think 6$ is beyond what i’m willing to invest into a single chapter of a digital release, sadly have to pass on this one

  4. The rule of zero will follow the story of the doctor and former sadist worker?
    Or is it a set of doujins that includes that chapter only?

  5. Right now having a roof over my head and food in my stomach is more important to me than reading this, but just barely. So can I ask if there’s any hope for a collection or a cheaper price in the future?

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