(Isya) Office Sweet 365

Hey everyone! We got the next Isya release ready for you all. If you’re unfamiliar with Isya and these releases we do, this is a project where we work directly with the artist to provide an official English translation. We’re doing something different this time. We’re gonna release a slightly shorter work at a reduced price of $3, it’s fully colored and fully uncensored. We’ll also be running a 50% off sale for an entire week on her first Rule of Zero chapters.

The ones we’re putting on sale are chapter one, chapter two and chapter three. If you’ve ever considered supporting isya but haven’t had the chance to yet, now is a great time!

As always, you can say hi to Isya on her twitter. She loves receiving messages from her western fans. If you have any questions you can check out the FAQ sections we’ve put in previous blog posts by checking out the isya tag on our blog.


3 comments on “(Isya) Office Sweet 365

  1. How many pages are in a chapter?
    I’ve never been more confused while buying PS I bought it digitally. I couldn’t read online or did I have to receive by mail?

  2. Number of pages is displayed on the item page at the top, below the title and six lines down. After buying (click on the green “+Purchase” button just underneath the cover on the left side), you can go back to the item page and click the green “Download” button below the cover for a DRM free download. To see all the things you’ve bought on Fakku before in one place, visit fakku.com and click “Login” in the upper right corner, the you can click “My Account” in the upper right, followed by “Library”.

  3. Awesome news! this is the sale I’ve been waiting for! I’ve had my eyes on rule of zero for months and will now grab those 3 chapters and check it out

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