Release 554: Suspension Bridge Theory

“All the complainers in the dynasty comments will be excited to see this latest chapter in the Depressing Boat Girls Adventures! Angst: meet lewd” -Ringo

To Die In June Column #02
Minazuki Theatre Troupe, Part One, Act Three. (Below is the translation of the authors comments)

Act Three: Make Love, Not War

The girl dreams, even amidst the flames of war. The girl grows complacent, even amongst the corpses. The girl falls in love, with her, for a moment in this world.

I can’t deny that the topic of girls’ hair comes up often in my works, and that’s because, as I’ve mentioned before, I think hair represents “conviction”. Where’s god? Hair he is. Just a joke. (There goes my cushions.*)
And so the act of cutting hair is like a ritual. Even after a body mummifies, hair will remain. Soldiers’ “charms” contain hair, and for those who probably won’t make it back, whether it be soldiers about to head into battle or wartime casualties, their nails and hair are sent home. Speaking of which, nails grow and are cut, too. Aren’t girls’ nails wonderful?
Drawing the scars that remain with the body, much like hair and nails, puts me at ease. Even scars you can’t see on the outside. I’ve drawn a lot of scarred characters, but especially in “To Die In June” these scars are in plain view. Is the blood spilled for the people, spilled for the world, more pure? Isn’t the blood of virgins wonderful?

*(Kami wa kami ni yadoru) The words for god and hair are homonyms in japanese.
*(Zabuton Boshuuto) A reference to the comedy show Shōten, where comedians sit on a stack of cushions which double as a score counter.

[Kuragenanami] To Die In June, Three [English] [Yuri-ism]

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2 comments on “Release 554: Suspension Bridge Theory

  1. ITYM homophones. Homonyms are different-sounding words that mean the same thing, like chief and boss. /pedant
    As always thanks for the release.

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