Release 649 & 650: We’re back!

After a wonderful tropical vacation, Sachi and Ayari are back, and so are we with this double release! Sachi wants to go for a picnic, but Ayari’s not too keen on heading out in cold weather…until Sachi offers to cook. What will she make to draw out this cold cat out of her blanket?
Also: if anyone wondered what Eri was up to during their trip, wonder no further! The extra’s all about her and her super adorable little sis.

Credit page sources: Pixiv / Pixiv

Download: Mega

Read on Dynasty (link filled in later) we retired our inhouse reader and will be using dynasty from now on.

8 comments on “Release 649 & 650: We’re back!

  1. OMG~!!! YOU GUYS ARE BACK!!! 😀 I was worried that you guys dropped the series or something. T_T

    Thank you for hard work, as always! I love, love, LOVE this so much! ❤

  2. That’s a relief, I thought y’all had suddenly gone bust or something. Curious about the switch to Dynasty, was the upkeep on your reader really that bad?

  3. I am so GLAD you’re all back! Especially with the Marvelous Food Girls! 💖

    Thank you so much crew, for your hard work and dedication, as always.

    As such, I gotta say that it will be AWESOME if you can bring us more Mira (Mira is Love, Mira is Life!) and the wonderful Negom, and much more Hatishiro and Food Girls as well, of course! I just can’t live without these series… 😆.

    Well, thanks again for your passion and dedication, wish you all the best and that you keep up with the splendid work! May there be much more Yuri for all of us!!

    Kind regards from Brazil!!!

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