Happy Birthday Nande!

Happy Bday Nandeeeee

Today is a special day in the land of yuritopia.

Nandeyanen, the co-founder of this group with me has his birthday today! It’s been over 2 years since we made this group together and he’s still going at max speed. Did you know he has translated over 400 doujins between yuri-ism/l4k and freelance projects? He also scans AND cleans almost all of yuri-ism’s doujins. He makes me look lazy, and to say this group would be nothing without him is a massive understatement.

So cheers to Nande! You old fart.

I decided to ask the denizens of our irc channel #yuri-ism to make you super special birthday cards.

I hope you enjoy the top notch quality handicraft from us.

Bday cards Album:  *My card is nsfw*

Individually: Zaq, Whoops, HaxtonFale, Cruz, Almond, Nouz, WeatheredPeach, Me (Chansu), Obby