For A Brighter Yuri Future

It’s just about one month until Winter Comiket, and by now, I think you guys know the drill – we need your help to buy more doujins!


We’d like to shoot for the $500 dollar range for this set of donations. It seems like a lot, but this amount should cover BOTH Comiket 87 and COMIC1☆8, which is in late April. Ever since a short while after Yuri-ism was created, we have been able to make purchases purely with donated money – for which we are very grateful. We wouldn’t be able to release all these doujins without your help!

As always, every last cent of donation money is spent exclusively on doujinshi. If by any chance we have extra money left over, it’s saved for future doujin events. If you would like to pair a donation with a request for a specific doujinshi, you are definitely welcome to, as long as it’s the type of doujin we would typically do. If you want to look around on the doujin sites for yourself, I have written out an extensive guide on how to do so over on our Requests Page.

If you would like to donate you can find out how to do so on our page right here. Or, you could also use the widgets on the sidebar. We have a new donation method set up through WePay, which is very simple to use – and highly recommended! Flattr is also still available for those who would prefer to use that.

As always, the Yuri-ism staff thanks you very much for your continued support!

4 comments on “For A Brighter Yuri Future

  1. I suggest you to make an app with in-app payments. Because here in SEA, people are hardly have any credit card. They use their SIM card or debit card to do online transactions. So, yeah google play supports SIM card direct payments and that would be much easier for people in those region to donate. So, how do you think? I can think of the system if you agree.

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