Release 333: A YuriSM New Year!

I originally had a plan to do some silly Touhou yuri for new years, but this holiday season has been busy for us. So let’s go with something a little more mischievous like SM yuri. It feels like yesterday we were just doing fluffy school girl stuff and now here we are. Has Yuri-ism been corrupted to its core? Or is this just the new face of yuri? Only time will tell.

So what are Yuri-ism’s plans for the new year? Well, we have a lot interesting originals and more chapter type stuff that we plan to do. There will be more idol stuff, shipgirl stuff, magical girl stuff… you know the normal culprits in doujin yuri as well. Don’t expect a lot of previews to what we’re working on for about the next month or two. I really want to focus on getting stuff done in a timely manner, a lot of us are taking much needed vacations so we can start the new year right.

Another sort of announcement I’d like to make is that I’ve had a lot of people request or ask why we haven’t been doing Isya’s (434notfound) doujins for a little while now. Isya has decided to start providing her own English releases that you can buy and support her with. We have been in contact with her and have been helping translate her works so that you know it will be up to our quality standards in translation. It may be awhile till the first release is ready, but we’ll be sure to let you know when it is.

If any other artist that checks this blog out is interested as well, I am willing to work with you!

Oh and this is only chapter 1, there will be more sm yuri chapters soon!



(C86) [peachpulsar (Mira)] Corruption’s Finale ch1 [English] [Yuri-ism] [Digital]

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42 comments on “Release 333: A YuriSM New Year!

  1. So Isya is going to be working with you guys to release her works in english? that’s excellent hope she still does Pretty Cure doujins

  2. Anyone knows if Isya is planning on selling digital copies of her works? I’m from Brazil, so it would be a little complicated to buy physical copies…

      • Great to know that, I just hope they will not be too expensive, I remember seen a physical copy of a Madoka doujin that was sold for 30$, but depending on the value of the dollar here on Brazil, the price will at least double, not counting the shipping expense, and not to mention that the postal service somenthing loses one package or another, because of that it’s not worth for me to buy physical copies of manga/doujin depending on the price…

        And on the subject, I know that if I ever want to buy a physical copy of a manga I can easily buy it on Amazon as they deliver here in Brazil, but I don’t know any places to buy them digital, could anyone indicate some good sites to buy digital manga/doujin?

  3. Hmmm…. Since it’s Mira it probably gets happier, yeah? I suppose I’ll read it either way, though….

    Thanks kindly for your work!

  4. Yep… That ending though… Right on the feels. Great way to end the year of lesbians though!

    -Bubbline was confirmed
    -Korrasami was confirmed
    -Chitahitsu was confirmed
    And other stuff too, what a great year.

  5. Wow, this will be magnificent! Hopefully Yuri-ism will be able to cover all of her present, future, & eventually, past releases.

    Thanks for the excellent news!

  6. Honestly… I think Ryouko and Ran suit each other as a couple! They look so much better together than Moe and Ran.

    Thanks for your hard work πŸ™‚

  7. Hello. First and foremost, thank you all very much for everything you have been doing for the purest form of love! I wish you a happy new year with plenty of lucks and successes!

    Also, it was interesting to hear what the artist Isya and you guys have been up to concerning her doujin. I for one think that’s an excellent news! Thank you all for your hard work!

    Oh and thank you for this release too. 333rd release for the last release of one year, that sounds interesting.

  8. Thanks for this year and your work on this sΓ©rie.

    What can I say on this sΓ©rie… I’m little surprise, not for the SM (I think is exited because it’s not “regulary”) but for the end of chapter 1. Well we easy know how will be the end but I don’t like the “drama” so I don’t really this series for the moment, and I expect there aren’t no many chapter (like that)

  9. Happy New Year~ Thaks for another year of yuri.

    Great news regarding Isya.

    Interesting to read something you’d see as a premise with het hentai. Definitely unexpected from Mira. That’s two things I’m excited about!

  10. In your new post, you mentioned that you are working with Isya, and that she will be selling her stuff. But where are the links to the website where she will be putting those manga/doujins up for sale?

  11. so kinky couldn’t handle but I still read XD
    ch 1’s end though, right in the feels. cant wait for ch 2

    kinda late, but happy new year! and thanks for the many wonderful yuri along the way

  12. My absolute favorite Mangaka. I like Rio-chan she has that genki pony-tailed personality. Though Chika-chan has the short-hair tomboy personality that’s my favorite to bad she wasn’t the main character. I’m getting a Strawberry Panic/Maria Watch Over Us from this. Which is good.

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