Chansu is now older than EVER BEFORE!!

Yes indeed, it’s true, today is Chansu’s birthday! I(nande) haven’t forgotten this time around, so I can actually make a proper post. Chansu is getting into his golden years now, so hopefully he will still be able to read this super awesome birthday card ANIMATED GIF! I made for him!

Everyone can check the card out by pressing the button on Akane’s giant butt!


From everyone at and around Yuri-ism, happy birthday normie-nerd!

22 comments on “Chansu is now older than EVER BEFORE!!

  1. Sayaka smiling at you in an open field is totally worth of being forgot. Happy birthday you normative fool. Ah it’s so late that by now nobody cares. Nobody but me anyway. And I’m actually pretty ok with that.

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