‘Tis the season… for more YURI!


Hello folks! We have two things to cover in this ‘news’ post, and we’ll get through the shmoozing first.

To start, Winter Comiket is less than a month away! Which normally would be awesome, but for the first time in over a year, we are out of money to spend! So once again we’ll have to ask for everyone’s support through donations so we can keep going through 2016. We’d like to shoot for around $500 total, which should cover this coming comiket & summer comiket, including any smaller events in between. We know money is tight around this time of year for most people, but we would greatly appreciate any amount you can contribute to the yuri cause! If you would like to donate to Yuri-ism to help us buy doujinshi, head on over to the Donate page for more information. It’s super easy! Also, if you plan on doing any holiday shopping at J-List. You can click our ad on the sidebar to visit the site. Any purchases you make will help go to our funds as well.

And now for the fun stuff! In preparation for our ultra amazing Christmas surprise, we will not be having any releases in the first half of December. But worry not, we’ll be working as hard as elves in Santa-Godoka’s yuri doujinshi workshop. We’ll have more to share about what we’re planning coming in the next two weeks, so stay tuned!


6 comments on “‘Tis the season… for more YURI!

    • According to the donate page:
      “Sorry, but we are no longer able to take donations through Paypal.”

      In other words, PayPal probably did what PayPal always does, which is to terminate random accounts and keep the money for themselves citing some obscure paragraph in their TOS.

      WePay, which Yuri-ism uses, directly accepts your credit card without having to create an account, though.

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