A Christmas Miracle

Thanks to everyone that donated! We have reached our funding goal for the next year already. Since we got there so soon, maybe we should share our plans for Christmas.

Every year at Yuri-ism we’ve had an xmas eve or xmas day release for you guys. But this year we’ve decided to take it a step further. We’re going to have 12 straight days of releases leading up to Xmas day. We’ll have mira, fox girls, butts, dancing girls, strike witches and more.

Oh and we did finally get a new batch torrent up. You can get releases 300-400 here. We’ll do another fullsize batch 1-500 when it comes time. But for now, consider this a yuri-ism booster pack.


11 comments on “A Christmas Miracle

    • It’s one of the most requested things people ask for. It’s good for archiving or catching up on old releases that may not have proper download links anymore.

  1. みらちゃんの描き方は私の大好物の同人誌です!みらちゃん、ゴー、ゴー、ゴー!イェイー!そして、寄田みゆきちゃんの「彼女の口付け。。。などなど」はすごく面白かったから、最近、終えることに決めたのは、本当に残念!:( その漫画、本当に好んだのに!復活させたらいいと思う!それから、前述はともかく、新米姉妹とお尻好きの女の人の物語にはもちろん興味深いです!ごー、ごー、ごー!そして、最後のことは、みんなはストレートでもゲイでも、同じメリークリスマスとお正月(もう少し)おめでとうと言いたいです!

  2. Glad you guys reached the goal amount I wish I could had donated too but I can`t at the moment 😦 sigh.. but anyway it is awesome you guys get to go to comiket I have always wanted to go to one. Heh hope you grab some Touhou while your there 😛

  3. Can I ask, why did fakku erase all their “inscest” doujins? I don’t fancy that tag in specific but since they deleted them most of the Oreimo doujins are nowhere to be found now.

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